Zeina Kabbara
~~~ Zeina Kabbara – Founder of Zee ateliers ~~~

I was inspired to create Zeeateliers.com while travelling. It is truly amazing what you discover about yourself when you are travelling the world.

Whenever I am visiting a new country, I find myself drawn to jewelry and hand-made creations by local artisans.

I have always had a passion for the arts. Growing up, I was influenced by my older sister Hania who studied Interior Design and sometimes needed some help in her year-end University projects.

Little by little I have learnt new skills and find myself being drawn into painting, drawing and other creative outlets.

When I finished school and had to decide on a career path, I chose to pursue my business studies instead of fine arts based on parents’ advice and the economic situation in Lebanon.

Nonetheless, my heart always resided in the arts and this is why I have decided to start an online platform to assist artisans in promoting their creations.

Originally from Lebanon and having lived in Dubai for the last eight years, I embrace both eastern and western cultures.

I noticed that in Dubai, most stores tend to promote recognized brands, which are not affordable by everyone; and that the more affordable brands sell undifferentiated items which leave little room for individuality.

And I wondered…what if I could create an online platform that will enable artists to showcase their creations all of the time at a cheaper fee than seasonal special markets (which happen once a week or once every two weeks).

And this is how the journey began…

When thinking about a name for my store, I wanted the name to reflect my personality. Many of my friends in Dubai find it hard to pronounce my name, and though I have many nicknames, most people like to call me Z!

I looked online to see if Zee meant anything. Here’s the definition by the Urban Dictionary:

Dazzling looks and influential personality”

And “ateliers” is a French word that means artist’s studio or workshops, which reflects all of the artists featured on the website creating in their workshops.

Et Voilà……Everything fell in the right place and Zeeateliers.com was created!

I really hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Zeeateliers.com. I try to feature as many styles as possible from different categories on the website, if you like something and you cannot find it here, please write to us at info@zeeateliers.com