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Buying on zeeateliers.com is really easy. Navigation through categories, searching for specific products and product selection are simple. Where multi payment options are supported for all of your needs. Get started by following some simple steps:

Search and explore products

Learn about the product, and Add to cart

Check out the product details, images, specs, videos, and customer reviews. Click “Add to cart”, or continue shopping.

Review your shopping cart, and Sign in to checkout

Review your cart and click “Proceed to checkout”

If you’re a registered user then just sign in to your account

If you’re not registered yet then simply do by filling our form, or just connect through your facebook account by one simple click.

 Place your order

Provide your address details, where you would like us to deliver your order, and click “Save”

Review the address and shipping services selected as well as the delivery period. Click “Next”.

Select your favorite payment method from the convenient payment options we provide. When selecting Credit Cart, fill out your card details. Once done, just click “Place Order”

Congrats! Track your order until it’s delivered to your door

Wondering what happened to your order? Worry not, with zeeateliers.com you have an option to check the progress of the shipment, so you won’t lose track of your order. Just navigate to “My account” to check the status of your orders, where you may also provide your feedback upon delivery.

zeeateliers.com works with trusted logistics and fulfillment partners to deliver your products to your door as fast as possible, and in the safest conditions.